Fundación Banco Santa Fe

Created in late 2004 by the President of Banco de Santa Fe, Engineer Enrique Eskenazi, Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe's mission is to promote excellence in education and culture of the Province of Santa Fe.

As a nonprofit organization, the tasks of the Foundation are directed towards the realization of continuous, voluntary and systematic actions of private social investment, using own financial resources for the realization of its objectives.

In this regard, the Foundation's activities accompany students of all academic levels and young visual artists in their learning and development through scholarships and grants, while contributing to the maintenance of low-income educational establishments, providing basic elements for its normal functioning and developing organic gardens.

Also, the Foundation's activities were directed to the reactivation of professional training in a trade and to encourage the development of technology projects with strong linkages with the industry in the region.

The Foundation also extends its management to other entities that serve similar purposes, to financially support the implementation of projects and / or educational and cultural programs for the community.