Fundación Banco San Juan

Fundación Banco San Juan was born in June 2001 by initiative of the President of Banco San Juan, Engineer Enrique Eskenazi, with the aim of achieving excellence in primary education of the province and work with the local culture.

Following the political and economic events occurring in the period 2001-2002, which impacted directly on the province's economy, the Foundation was forced to postpone its original goals and prioritize the timely care of basic needs like food, shoes , furniture, etc.

In 2003, the persistence of the situation led FBSJ to boost with the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA) the development of school gardens, whose operation is maintained until today.

Since the country's economic recovery, Fundación Banco San Juan gradually started diminishing its participation in the assistance program "Copa de Leche", for which it had ensured continuity during the severe economic crisis of past years. The funds allocated to this transitional program could be designed for the development of foundational objectives.

Fundación Banco San Juan travels a new road since 2005, having returned to its original objectives. In this way, the Foundation has implemented the system of grants and sponsorship of cultural and artistic events in the province and began to grant more aid to students in schools with scarce resources to the delivery of shoes and socks, while the project continued and expanded "Huertas Escolares".