Grupo Petersen controls Grupo Banco San Juan, the largest group of Argentina's regional banks, with presence in the most richest and productive areas of the country.

Grupo Banco San Juan is composed by Banco San Juan, Banco Santa Cruz, Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe and Nuevo Banco de Entre Rios, and it ranks among the 10 main entities of the Argentinean Financial System. Each one of these banks are financial agents of their respective home provinces and leads in the private sector deposits and loans.

Grupo Banco San Juan maintains its qualification at A1 (arg) for short - term debt and AA (arg) for long - term of the Fitch Ratings Ltda. agency, rating sustained on its four bank’s favorable performance, which is reflected on their utility's generation capacity, their high liquidity and the excellent quality of their portfolio.

In fulfilment with the guidelines established by its shareholders, these four banks concentrate their central houses and the decision power in each province and carry out their activities on the pillars of a 360° concept, in which the private and public funds that they capture through deposits are located in each province through loan lines to the productive sector and to the individuals, generating higher consumption, higher employment, increasing the productive capacity and an important contribution to the industry’s technological innovation.

The 360° concept applies to the following bases, on which Grupo Banco San Juan is sustained:

  • Central House and decision power at the province.
  • Calculation and processing data centers at the province
  • Regionalization on departmental heads
  • High specialization on the different kinds of segments of the province's economy

This leads to greater agility and comfort to design actions directed to the actual and potential clients and to provincial, municipal and communal goverments.

These characteristics allows banks to fully devote in satisfying their population's needs, what constitutes a strength at the time to define the strategic plans and create new products and services, to accompany the different productive sectors.

The high specialization level of the four banks is given by the experience acquired as financial agents and obligatory savings bank, in each one of the provinces, being this one of their main strengths.

The development and grow reached is possible under the contribution made by highly capacitated work teams, who show a strong commitment and fidelity towards the institution, attributes consolidated through continuous training programs.

Grupo Petersen's incursion on the financial sector began in 1996, with the acquisition of part of the Banco San Juan S.A. shares. In 1998, proceeds to capitalize it and acquires the shareholding majority. With this investment, that year Banco San Juan S.A., acquires at the same time 51% of Banco Santa Cruz S.A.

In 1999, to consolidate the financial holding, Petersen Inversiones S.A. (PISA) is created, company that concentrates all of the shareholding's possession of Banco San Juan, reaching 70.14%.

In October 2003, through Banco San Juan S.A., it acquires 94% of Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe S.A., and through this bank, in year 2005 proceeds to acquire 100% of the shares of Nuevo Banco de Entre Rios S.A.