Banco Entre Ríos

Banco Entre Ríos (BER) is the most important financial entity of Entre Ríos and has the largest territorial coverage, which reaches 92% of the province’s population. It is also based on Santa Fe, Corrientes and Chacho provinces.

The Bank is a comercial entity of national capital and of regional character. It conforms Grupo Banco San Juan, along with Banco San Juan S.A., Banco Santa Cruz S.A., and Banco Santa Fe S.A., which is among the top 10 entities of the Sistema Financiero Argentino [Argentine Financial System]. Each of these banks are the financial operators of their provinces of origin, where they lead in deposits and loans from the private sector. Moreover, they keep their qualification for short-term indebtedness A1 (arg) and for long-term indebtedness AA (arg) for its favorable performance, which is clearly seen in their capacity for profit generation, high liquify and a good quality portfolio.

This bank counts on a wide range of products and financial services according to the different regional economic sectors’s needs. Its multi-segment profile, jointly with the government of the province, allows it to provide financial assistance to performers in the agricultural-livestock, industrial, commercial and service sectors through the implementation of active policies.

The Bank, founded in 1933 and under the management of the Petersen Group since 2005, is an essential tool for foreign trade operations of companies in the region, for its experience and operational capacity in the export sector. It participates in trade missions and has a wide range of international payment and collection instruments.

Since its acquisition by the Petersen Group, an important investment in infrastructure has been made, which includes the technological update of the entity, the central computer system and the installation of ATMs.

The policies established by the Board of Directors to accompany and promote the growth of the provincial economy are reflected in its sustained growth and in the evolution of the market share, mainly in the assistance to the non-financial private sector. The Bank has been able to accompany the development of the regional economy from the beginning of its management.

High specialization.

The commercial policy of Banco Entre Ríos is aimed at four sectors:
• Private
• Agro
• SMEs

Public Sector

The Bank has highly trained work teams in close contact with each of the sectors, which allows it to have a clear and precise picture of the development of its activities, meet their needs and provide support through products and services especially designed.