About us

Grupo Petersen is presently an important conglomerate of Argentine companies active in all regions of the country. The group is diversified into areas such as engineering and construction, banking, agriculture-based industries, and urban maintenance.

Created in 1920 as an Engineering and Construction company, Grupo Petersen has throughout its history developed and managed a large number of public works and private projects in Argentina and neighboring countries. In the mid 90's, the Group initiated a process of change and expansion of its businesses, reaching into other strategic sectors of argentine economy.

Grupo Petersen takes its name from “Petersen, Thiele & Cruz Arquitectos e Ingenieros”. Nowadays, the group is one of the most important industrial holdings in Argentina, with 100% argentine capital, and over 88 years of history. The groups belongs entirely to the Eskenazi family, with its president Enrique Eskenazi.

The companies that belong to Grupo Petersen are: Petersen, Thiele y Cruz; Banco Santa Fe; Nuevo Banco de Entre Ríos; Banco San Juan; Banco Santa Cruz; Xumek; Mantenimientos y Servicios and Estacionamientos Buenos Aires.