The Petersen Group allocates its resources to carry out continuous, voluntary and systematic actions of Private Social Investment, within the framework of its commitment to the communities in the regions where it carries out its commercial activities.

This philosophy gave rise to the creation of four foundations: Banco San Juan Foundation (2001), Banco Santa Fe Foundation (2004), Nuevo Banco de Entre Ríos Foundation (2005) and Banco Santa Cruz Foundation (2006).

These foundations have the "Mission" to promote excellence in education and culture in the regions where the Banks perform their financial activities.

They carry out this mission by providing tools that contribute to the economic development and social and productive growth of our regions, through direct actions and strategic alliances that act as promoters and catalysts of change.

The scope of its actions reflects the aspiration to become catalytic elements aimed at facilitating the interaction and synergies of institutional objectives, necessary to strengthen the growth of our country. The collaboration and cooperation of public and private management is of vital importance to achieve the development of policies that generate concrete solutions for the needs of the community.

The Banks, for their part, add to the capital contributed to the Foundations, the sponsorship of projects aimed at equipping institutions and training courses within the framework of the Tax Credit regime of the Ministries of Education, Labor and Industry of the Nation.

The Foundations work so that each one of their programs represent the values ​​and principles of the Nation dreamed of by those who forged the pillars of our nationality.

FOSTER: social commitment through Corporate Volunteering

PROMOTE: conditions that exceed the country's educational standards

SPREAD: Cultural values


SOLIDARITY: We foster solidarity among our volunteers for the benefit of their community
INNOVATION: We procure proposals to transform the reality of each region.

SUSTAINABILITY: We contribute to the accomplishment of tasks with lasting results.

EXCELLENCE: We promote policies designed to obtain the best result in all implemented programs.

COMMITMENT: We encourage an administration oriented towards the development of education and culture.

VOLUNTEERING: We work uniting wills with our staff and their families.

TRANSPARENCY: We promote the communication of our work, the resources used and the obtained results.