Grupo Petersen allocates its own resources to achieve constant, voluntary and systematic actions of Private Social Investment as part of its commitment to the communities in regions where it conducts its business activity.

Under this philosophy, it has created four foundations: Fundación Banco San Juan (2001), Fundación Banco Santa Fe (2004), Fundación Nuevo Banco Entre Rios (2005) and Fundación Banco Santa Cruz (2006).

The "Mission" of these foundations is to work with the employees, families and local community to promote actions aimed at achieving excellence in education and culture.

In turn, the Banks add to the capital contributed to the Foundations and to the assumed cost for operating and financing projects aimed at equipping institutions and training courses under the Tax Credit regime of the Ministries of Education, Labour and Industry.

The Grupo Petersen's four Foundations express the spirit of a group of people with the common goal of building a better country. Its essence is to develop Solidarity internally through the Corporate Volunteer Program.

The scope of their actions reflects their wish to become catalytic elements. The purpose of these is to facilitate interaction and complementarity of the institutional aims that are necessary for the further growth of the nation. The coordination and cooperation of public and private management is essential to develop policies that will create specific solutions for the community's needs.


research and development of technological innovation projects in order to introduce industrial and business activity, promoting economic and productivity growth.

the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility amongst employees, creating the space required for its implementation.

culture and visual arts.

economically the academic training of outstanding students who are studying techno-scientific degrees, extending this benefit to children of bank employees.

training programs for all members of the community.

educational institutions by financing projects and specific actions.


Promote policies designed to obtain excellence in all implemented programs.

Prioritize the integration of the wishes of the staff and their families.

Ensure the creation of proposals to transform each region's reality.

Contribute to the realization of tasks with long-term results.

Maintain a management aimed at the development of education and culture.

Promote the dissemination of our work, the resources used and the results obtained.

Interact with government agencies in each province to develop our principles, regardless of the political party in office.