Enrique Eskenazi

Letter from the Chairman

Much has come to pass in our country and the world since the inception of «Petersen, Thiele & Cruz Arquitectos e Ingenieros», our mother company founded in 1920. We now find ourselves positioned as one of the major economic groups of wholly Argentine capital contribution owing to our business diversification, both thematically and geographically.

Our trajectory in the engineering and construction industry includes participation in the design and development of many of the major works carried out in our country.

Within a framework of growth of our Group, in the last years we have made new inroads into other activities, such as finance, energy and agriculture-based industries. Since then, we have achieved sustained growth and enhanced our involvement in Argentina’s areas with the highest wealth and potentialities.

We have promoted several Corporate Social Responsability actions, by which all of our companies assume a strong compromise in achieving sustainable growth, working near its employees, their family, the local community and the whole society, in order to improve its life level.

Grupo Petersen projects into the future the spirit that made it great and is backed by the same values cherished by its founders: excellence, experience, reliability, soundness and transparency.